Hello baby!

deer baby
A cute little one jumps around and comes back to its mother for milk.

In late Spring, you have a chance to see cute baby deer anywhere in Nara Park from Kofuku-ji Temple to Kasuga Grand Shrine.
Most of them are born and stay in the protected area, Roku-en deer center in Nara Park, until they are old enough to follow their mothers. Please do not dare touch them or you will be attacked hard by their mothers.

A group of male deer is just relaxed.

While Nara Park was empty due to COVID-19, deer enjoyed quiet spring with gorgeous cherry blossom and excursion outside the park. They live on grass and leaves abundant in Nara Park and lack of Deer Crackers given by the tourists does not starve them. They should have explored the town not to look for food, but just out of curiosity what was happening.

Nara was not very affected by the virus, and the main interest of the people in Nara during the stay-home period was not the number of newly infected but how far deer traveled that day.

photos taken on June 2, 2020
official website of deer in Nara Park : https://www.visitnara.jp/venues/E02046/

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