Recommended Route of Central Nara Area 

routemap of Nara Central area

1. Kintetsu Nara Station bus stop to Wariishicho bus stop. About 7 min ride.
2. Wariishicho bus stop, walk up the residential area, turn right and look for the sign for Shinyakushi-ji Temple.
    Walk about 10 min.
3. Shin Yakushi-ji Temple Stay about 30 min. Walk through a path in the woods about 15 min.
4. Kasuga Grand Shrine (Kasuga Taisha) including the inner area of the Main Sanctuary,
    stay about 30 min. Walk through a path lined with stone lanterns. About 20 min.
5. Sangatsu-do & Nigatsu-do of Todai-ji Temple stay about 15 min.
    Walk down to the back of the Hall of the Great Buddha for about 10 min
6. Great Buddha Hall of Todai-ji Temple Stay about 20 min.
  (Kaidan-do Hall, west of the Hall of the Great Buddha, not shown on the map.
   Stay about 15 min and walk about 10 min)
8. Great South Gate (Nandai-mon) of Todai-ji Temple Stay about 5 min.
9.  Yoshiki Riverside and walk through Nara Park about 10 min
10. Kofuku-ji Temple (Five Story Pagoda, Treasure Museum) Stay about 30 min and walk about 5 min.
11. Kintetsu Nara Station

last updated Nov 01, 2019

text by: Yoko

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